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  • This BBS is a Multi-Thread BBS.

  • A thread is made by one subject, anybody is free to view or response.

  • When make a new thread, please click "New Thread" anchor and submit a new message from the form.

  • A maker of a thread can lock the thread by clicking the key icon at the parent topic.

  • Max number of responses for one thread is 100. If over the max, those messages will be moved to Past log.

  • To make a message to a thread, please submit from the form at the bottom of the thread.

  • If need to refer ohther messages of the thread in comment, please write as bellow. Then they will be link anchors automatically.

    >>5  ..... Can refer to message No.5.
    >>5-  .... Can refer to all messages from No.5.
    >>5-8  .... Can refer to all messages from No.5 to No.8.

  • Name field carries trip function which can keep off masquerading. If input "name#....optional string...." in name field, the name will change into "name◆encrypt string" when displayed.

    For example "Taro Yamada#hogehoge" >> "Taro Yamada◆Whe5Fvoki8o"

    Even if an imposter input "Taro Yamada◆Whe5Fvoki8o" in name field, the system displays "Taro Yamada◇Whe5Fvoki8o", it is clear that this is made by an imposter.

  • Detriments and defamations may be deleted according to administrator's judgment witout any warnings.